Community Involvement

Community Involvement:

The Beaten Berry Food Truck specializes in community special events, private catering parties, corporate lunches, and fundraising events. We proudly donate back to the organizations of our community. since 2018 we have already donated more than $10,000!

All of the produce served in the Rock’n Bowl: kale, spinach, chard, sweet potato, purple cabbage, and cilantro plus the some of the strawberries in our acai bowls are grown from the gardens of local elementary schools. All of the money used to buy their produce goes directly back into the garden education program to allow all of the students to spend 10-20 mins a day in the garden!

Other produce such as lemons used in the lemonade and fruit, veggies used in the cold pressed juices are grown from local small farmers.

The Beaten Berry Food Truck has partnered with local San Diego Musicians to help promote and bring awareness to new local artisits. We bring live music with us to as many events as possible, host a monthly “Fresh Eats and Beats Happy Hour” and play local music on our sound system. We also host an artist of the month on our website and offer to provide music to the events booked online.

Social Consciousness:

The Beaten Berry Food Truck takes the time to make sure we are lessening our carbon foot print as much as possible. We are a plastic free truck, using all compostable disposables such as in our cups, bowls, spoons, forks and straws. Our napkins are post consumer recycled paper. And our Panini sandwich containers are made of cane sugar.

We are currently in the process of going solar! We are replacing our propane generator with full solar panels to be as eco-friendly as possible!